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Psychotherapy dispense with the use of drugs or the use of other remedies. Here the psychotherapist acts by a conversation on the psyche of the patient. Since the patient himself plays, an active role psychotherapy can be seen as a means to help themselves.

There are many different types and forms of psychotherapy. For outpatient treatment of depression (in the doctor's office), only the psychotherapy process are recognized and accepted by the public health insurance, which can be assigned to the policy process. These include psychoanalytic process and behaviour therapy. The antidepressant effect of this method has been demonstrated in studies; however, these statements refer mostly to the effectiveness of the method in mild and moderate depression.

In a present depression, cognitive behavioural therapy is used most often. Here are passive behaviours in everyday life (e.g., rumination) are replaced by pleasurable activities. In addition, the social skills to be strengthened again, as people often do not realize how negative their communication patterns are. Stressful experiences are to be reduced. Need to achieve this goal, the thought patterns of those affected will be restructured.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy is, in mild to moderate depression, to compare with the drug therapy. If the symptoms of depression, however, too strong, both methods may be used in combination to enhance the effectiveness. It is so ordered psychotherapy with concomitant medication.

The therapy can sometimes be unsuccessful, resulting in the deterioration of health of the patients (mostly short term). This must strike the patient immediately. Such a situation can occur, for example by an insufficient trust between therapist and patient, as both "unable to each other."

During psychotherapy, the patient is dependent in some way by his therapist. Only in rare cases, psychotherapists exploit this dependence. However, an unsuccessful therapy can also come about if the patient is not ready to psychotherapy. The therapy calls time, motivation, ability to cooperate and willingness of patients.

Why is water important for fitness and health

Even as children we intuitively felt that water is a good thing . In order therein reinzuspringen for example, if it collects in puddles in the rain. Or to fill in spray guns and depth charges. Now in adulthood, we are faced with momentous phrases such as ” Water is Life “. This is intended to and succinctly say that water is good for our health and water is not just ” building material” for our body.

The nuclear chain H2O is involved in almost all physiological processes and in all biochemical reactions is an important reactive component. We need water to regulate our body temperature and not only to decompose absorbed nutrients, but also to transport to the organs. With water, we also carry out oxygen to our cells, flush waste products of our metabolism and protect our joints and organs against shock.

If you are very active, you need far more water than someone who is more likely a lazy lifestyle. Even a slight dehydration can be displayed in lack of concentration, lethargy, sore joints, muscle spasms, back pain, constipation, or headache. Even if we do not feel thirsty, we’re already so severely dehydrated that the cognitive abilities break dramatically. So if you want to leave on a razor- sharp wit and lightning-quick responsiveness to should regularly drink to prevent dehydration.

Who runs fitness training regularly, must not only drink more because he loses a lot of fluid through sweat . The regeneration and fat metabolism can be accelerated by an optimal hydration, because water also plays a key position.

The color and odor of the urine are a further indication of the detection of a dehydration. The darker and stabbing it smells, the more likely it is that you need to drink is.

One healthier choice if you one to stop smoking.

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